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About Us

Trimpeks is serving the healthcare market in Turkey since 1990. The company vision – to become a leading brand in the field of HOME HEALTH and PROFESSIONAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS with products, services and technologies at highest quality level – is still the key leading factor.

During these years, Trimpeks developed and established well recognized brands which allow the enduser to experience new health dimensions. 

Vivocare - the brand with fresh and exciting lifestyle products is pure HEALTH ENJOYMENT
Plusmed - focusing on medical products and services is the answer to HEALTH MANAGEMENT
Promedic - with comprehensive equipment and disposables stands for HEALTH TREATMENT

Trimpeks with its trademarks would like to become a permanent and strong brand leader in the healthcare sector. With its products, services and technologies at highest quality level, Trimpeks´ ambition is to create a new health experience at customers side.

Join us in exploring the “NEW HEALTH DIMENSIONS” of Trimpeks