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Human Resources

Our HR Vision
To become a company which outstands in entire business processes by means of qualified and high-value added human resources.
Our HR Mission
To develop and execute conglomerate management and HR processes which would carry the company to the future.

Recruitment Process

The process for requesting, selecting and recruiting a new employee either intended as an additional employee within the Annual Labor Plan Business or in lieu of previous employee. The following resources are being used for recruitment process.
  • In-house resources
  • Our job application database
  • Web-based databases
  • Consultancy firms
A Competency interview is carried out within recruitment process. Moreover, General Capabilities Test, Foreign Language Test or Personality Inventory Applications are realized depending on the necessities of the office.
All applicants are fairly and evenly assessed and applications thereof are stored in candidates-database. Confidentiality of an application is indispensable. In no manner any data is disclosed to third parties.

Performance Management

Performance Evaluation Process
The process for measuring the job performance of an employee based on pre-determined targets and competencies, and for providing feedback to the same with this regard.
Objects of Performance Evaluation Process
  • Create a feedback mechanism
  • Enhance job satisfaction
  • Ensure employees benefit from their potential
  • Identify improvement and training necessities and develop employees’ capabilities
  • Measure efficacy of recruitment process
  • Ensure integration of individual and corporate targets
The evaluation process is realized within the frame of capabilities and performance targets required by the office.

Training and Improvement

The process where professional and personal development of our employees are promoted by means of continuous and improved training programs.
Annual plans are issued in parallel with current necessities and following performance management process, and such plans are put into effect within the year.Insourced and outsourced trainings and orientation programs are realized.
Training Types
  • Personal Development Trainings
  • Functional Development Trainings
  • Corporate Development Trainings
  • Manager Development Trainings
Analysis for the necessity of trainings for development of employees and the corporate, training selection and identification, training organization, content supply for e-learning trainings and off-training problem solving suggestions are realized.

Salary System and Additional Benefits

Covers determination and arrangement of salaries and additional benefits for newly-recruited employees or already-working employees of Trimpeks.
Principles of Trimpeks Salary Management
  • Take into account the success level of the employee
  • Salary determination for equivalent offices
  • Competitiveness in the market (salary determination based on the market value)
Salary system consists of job groups, degrees and levels. Entire positions are identified within the rating table and appropriate salary and additional benefits structure is formed. Furthermore, social welfare benefits are also available such as meal card, travel allowance, marriage allowance, maternity benefits, etc ...

Career Planning

Includes the promotion, transfer and rotation processes within the company.  There are two types of career paths in Trimpeks.
Specialization - Advance of the individual without undertaking an executive liability.
Executive Liability - Advance of the individual by undertaking an executive liability on human resource management.