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Investor Relation

Recent development and outlook

During 2013 Trimpeks did a complete re-design of three leading brands such as Vivocare, Plusmed and Promedic as well as the two supportive brands Firstmed and Plasmed. The Lifestyle, Medical and Professional Sector are fully covered with an attractive product and service portfolio. By entering NEW HEALTH DIMENSIONS Trimpeks is offering a comprehensive and complete platform for customers especially in the MEA region and the TURKIC states. So far, Trimpeks was mainly concentrating its resources in the “home market” Turkey. In the future the Middle East, Africa and the TURKIC states will receive greater attention. We strongly believe that those markets will show a great growth potential in the future. 

Business description

Founded 1990
Industry Medtech Industry
FTE1 approx. 90
Presence Turkey
Executive Chairman  Efrayim Kebudi
CEO  Efrayim Kebudi

Investment Thesis

  • Concentration on Markets
    Turkey, MEA Contries, TURKIC States
  • Business fields
    Home Healthcare Solutions
    Professional Healthcare Solutions
  • Selling under which brand
    Vivocare, Plusmed, Promedic, Firstmed, Plasmed
  • BOD
    Binhas Kebudi, Efrayim Kebudi, Uriel Şulam, Morten Brunvoll
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 Vivocare  - the brand with fresh and
exciting lifestyle
products is pure
 Plusmed - focusing on medical products
and services
is the answer to
 Promedic - with comprehensive
equipment and disposables stands for